Refusal to Give Up

My two girls and I have faced several mountains in our lifetime. The elements of those consists of relocating, loss of employment due to medical crisis. This soon landed me on disability, drastically reducing our income. I found myself in a financial followed by unwanted debt.

We were then homelessness, moving around from one hotel room to the next, using Priceline to get low price rates. This kept us from living on the street or in a shelter for almost a year.

The only thing that kept us from giving up was FAITH in God, knowing that he was with us every step. I kept telling my daughters to have an attitude of gratitude. They were just hitting there tweens. Our lives must have seemed like the worst rollercoaster ride ever. I know this was emotionally draining, confusing and embarrassing to them.

There were times it seem the mountain didn’t move, but God allowed us to walk through the mountain to the other side. However, there were other times he carried us across. God’s Love is True.

The WORD of God was ignited in my spirit, knowing that GOD blessed and never leave us a lone. Thank you Jesus Christ, We had the blessedness of provision every step of the way. HE is ALL! God continues to blend so beautifully expressive inspiring words in our favor.


Thank you Jesus Christ

Learning to live again after recovering from a mini stroke and a Gran Mal Seizure I found that the rehabilitation period was quite challenging. There are many things in life that are taken for granted until we loss both faith and the natural God given ability. Learning to walk, talk z GHz read.and write again is nothing short of a MIRACLE, with the help of wonderful dedicated In Home Therapist and my daughters who pushed me beyond measure. GOD has a way of placing the right people in our lives who were sent to encourage and BLESS us even the more.

God’s healing virtue continues to fall fresh upon us as we declare the word of the LORD, that by the stripes of JESUS that we are HEALED in JESUS precious NAME! It was GOD who strengthen my daughters to help care for me and not give up. Throwing in the towel was not optional. We trusted and STAND on the WORD of GOD!

We have a deeper relationship because of the mountains faced. It was all apart of the process. Since then I continue to walk in my healing, although the enemy attempts to afflicts with medical challenges we refuse to allow it to incapacitate our lives, but instead we choose to trust GOD, stay strengthen through prayer, praise and worship. Instead we walk in our healing in our own space. Giving, as we continue to declare, that we are lenders, not borrowers and Homeowners we shall be.

We know that GOD has a plan and purpose for the mountains we have faced. The test we have encountered are a testimony of HIS GLORY to encourage and bless others. What looked like a defeat in our lives, is a Message of Hope, Encouragement and Strength. Taking a quote from the both of the Lord and Paul,

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12-13

The reality and the revelation of this passage continues to speak volumes giving greater understanding.

We are more than conquerors in CHRIST JESUS! GOD not only has the POWER to MOVE the mountain, but he will.take us through the mountainous area of a new day and then carry us out.

Thank you Jesus Christ, Glory!



Father GOD we give you all the GLORY! There is none like YOU, oh LORD, our STRONG tower, a Keeper, and FRIEND!

Thank YOU for loving kindness and sustain me in life. Thank you for inspiring us to Stand strong in the LORD, and in the Glory and POWER of HiS MIGHT! You are our dwelling place, our favor, ALL we need is YOU!

Give me Jesus Christ!

We are so GRATEFUL and will continue to serve encouragement and testify of your good works as we are forever in Christ Jesus.

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